Workshop Scope


CAMELOT workshop on Fuel Cell Modeling

Understanding Charge, Mass, and Heat Transfer in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 

The FCH 2 JU funded CAMELOT project brings together highly experienced research institutes, universities, fuel cell membrane electrode assembly suppliers and transport OEMs.

This project is focused on the understanding of the limitations in performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells to guide the development of the next generation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

As part of this work, a free and open source Fuel Cell Performance Model developed by FAST Simulations UG, FAST-FC, has been utilized, improved and extended to describe the transport and kinetic processes in ultra-thin, low-loaded membrane electrode assemblies.

The workshop will provide attendees an understanding of the general theory behind the model, improvements made within the CAMELOT Project, hands-on application of the model through tutorial studies, and an instructor supported, open application and question and answer session.

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