Press releases


PowerCell SE - January 2022

PowerCell joins European development project on fuel cell technology of the future

To accelerate the company’s long-term technological development, PowerCell Sweden AB has joined the coordinated European development project Camelot. The objective of the project is to produce material for fuel cells of the future. Other project participants include leading research institutions, universities and industrial companies, such as BMW..

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SINTEF BLOG - March 2020

New project to improve the power density of PEM fuel cells

January 1, 2020 was the start date for a new FCH JU funded project coordinated by SINTEF. The project objective is to improve the power density of PEM fuel cells. Through modelling of transport phenomena and advanced characterisation of state-of-art MEA components, performance limiting factors will be identified. By the optimisation of layers and interfaces construction in order to minimise these limiting factors, disruptive performance increases will be enabled.

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